Who are the Immaru?

The discovery of the Reliquary several months ago gave amongst others rise to one question. Who built it? By all appearances the station predated any known civilization and its systems has no similarity to any other archeological finds to date. Even its own systems seemed to be vague on the origin of its creation identifying them only as the Builders. It seems the scientific expedition on the station has finally an answered.

Earlier this week I was given access to a collection of documents produced by scientists operating on the Reliquary. The documents were marked top secret and not intended for anyone but Task Force and Starfleet Command however through additional sources I have been able to confirm its contents.

In it is the mention of a new race, the Immaru. Supposedly these beings existed between one billion and 800 miliion years ago and had an empire spanning all four quadrants based on information retrieved from the database. While it is unkown what caused the ultimate collapse of this empire, it is clear that something catastrophic happened. More interestingly the document also implies these Immaru are the Builders and that more stations like it exist.

It is as of yet unclear why these documents were given this level of secrecy but what is clear is that Starfleet is concerned about whatever event caused the collapse of the Immaru civilization as additional scientific personnel has been committed to the expedition and another source has revealed that two Prometheus Class vessels and a Ronin Class have been ordered to serve as a permanent protective detail for the station. As always I will continue to investigate.

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