Ushering in the New Era

As with many of the changes that have come to Bravo Fleet in the past few months, this one should come as no surprise. The BFA has been working hard to bring a fresh new face to the fleet. And finally, it’s here! Bravo Fleet now has a few new things. And rather than tell you about it, let me show you!

The first thing we want to present to you is our new logo! It’s a mix of new and old, and really reflects a feeling we want to bring to the fleet. Here is the delta in full scale:

And of course, it wouldn’t be a new logo without a new banner design to join it!

But we aren’t stopping there. We’ve also redesigned the entire website to give it a facelift, with Emily doing so much work to make it a reality! The website still functions the same, and all the same features are there, but it is a more modern, brighter tone that Bravo Fleet wants to promote going forward. The site should be live as of this announcement (you may need to clear your browser caches!), but here is a preview if you’re waiting for your DNS to propagate:

Many of you will notice that certain aspects of the site have been upgraded. There is a new staff page called “Leadership” which displays the current BFA, and a little about them, as a person. The goal is to help people know a little about the person behind the avatar. To augment that, there is also now a “Staff” page which will hopefully help people quickly and easily access the staffs of the entire fleet’s departments and task forces and is easily searchable! There is also a new way that sims display which you should check out! We’re hoping that it is a bit more user-friendly and appealing.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working to update all of the Bravo Fleet websites with the new logo and designs. In the coming months, we will also completely overhaul the look of the wiki to match the website.

A huge thank you to Emily for her work on the website! If you notice any issues or have content suggestions, please email

From the entire Bravo Fleet Admiralty to the membership, we hope you really enjoy this change.

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