Updates from the Chairman

Members of Bravo Fleet:

The Bravo Fleet Administrative Council has been in place now for a little over a month. In that month, we’ve been working hard to get the fleet back into order to help facilitate everyone’s fun a little bit better! We want to let you know what we’ve been working on, what we’re going to be working on, and make a few announcements. Also, if you haven’t already, find us on Facebook at Official Bravo Fleet!

Non-Trek Simming

The first thing we’d like to announce is that the BFAC is proud to now offer a test run of non-Trek simming – Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Orville, you name it! Non-Trek sims will fall into a task group within Task Force 99, under Domingo, called “The Holodeck”. Anyone who is interested in a non-Trek sim should speak to one of the BFAC, or better yet, right to Domingo! He will set you up! The BFMS will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

Server Migration

Part of the new Charter codifies the “Conservatorship”, which is responsible for the handling of the real world assets of Bravo Fleet. In order to facilitate that, Bravo Fleet’s hosting is in the process (and almost done!) moving from JonM’s server, to a server purchased through fleet donations which is under the control of Aio. Aio is also responsible and in control of the fleets sim hosting! Aio gets cake.

Also, as an aside, thank you to all the awesome donations you have made, and thank you to people who have asked and donated since the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council took over a month ago. You. Guys. Rock.

We’re also working on, somewhat server related, a fleet wide rebrand. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I’d love for this to be a good surprise for all of you. But know that it is coming sooner, rather than later.

Bravo Fleet Canon

NOOOOOOO we aren’t changing BF canon again. Just a friendly reminder to all the members that, per By-law #1.3: 

Contributions which are accepted into Bravo Fleet Canon will be governed by the Intellectual Property Policy as presented in By-Law #4.2 and cannot be revoked from the Fleet’s future use.

Bravo Fleet Sims

And while we’re on a roll, we’re on a roll! Bravo Fleet is up 5 sims over the past month! A big shout out to our Task Force Administrators who have been working hard to get settled into their task forces, and an even bigger shout out to all the COs who have stepped up and brought their A game. You guys have been awesome, and we love seeing all the hard work you guys put in.


Another thing we’re currently looking into is reopening the Bravo Fleet Wiki (Infobase) to all members. We want to put in place secure spam filters and some other housekeeping, first. But the BFAC strongly believes that a wiki that is user-generated and contributed makes for a better atmosphere in Bravo Fleet. The wiki should be where all things Bravo Fleet are chronicled, and you guys should have a direct hand in it! The wiki won’t double as a sim website, or too much sim specific OOC information, but it should and will house as much IC information as it possibly can, minus character bios (which should be on the BFMS!).

Bravo Fleet Needs You!

There are multiple open positions in Bravo Fleet looking for good people! Recently, TF72 added a Deputy Administrator in RAdm Julius Woodard, who is better known as Commander James Tyson, CO of the USS Sutherland in TF72! 

  • TF93 is still fielding applications for their Deputy Administrator! Fill out the application found here, and e-mail it in to tf93@bravofleet.com!
  • TF38 is also still fielding applicants for their Deputy Administrator. Fill out the application found here, and e-mail it in to tf38@bravofleet.com!
  • The Bravo Fleet Magistrates office is also currently looking for the right people, and the app can be found here. Here is a note about it from FAdm Bremer:

I’m looking for two experienced simmers to take on the duties of the Defender and Investigator. As stated in BF’s new Charter, “The Bravo Fleet Magistrate appoints to the Bravo Fleet Magistrate’s office members as he sees fit to assist in the work of the court. Two Magistrate advisers: one serving as Investigator and the other serving as Defender, will be appointed by the Bravo Fleet Magistrate for one year terms” and “The Bravo Fleet Magistrate’s office is dependent on the timely administration of all aspects of every case. The Bravo Fleet Magistrate must be available on a regular basis.” Right now, there is no work for the Magistrate’s Office, however should something occur that requires the Magistrate’s Office to become involved, I’d like to have a team that already has a good working rapport with each other.

Honestly, I’m hoping these positions as well as the Magistrate position itself are never needed, however as we have recently learned it is best to be prepared. These positions are open to any member of Bravo Fleet that’s on an active sim and in good standing and not limited to Sim CO/GMs.

Requirements for the position are listed on the application form itself. If you’re interested, please fill out the attached application and email it to magistrate@bravofleet.com.

  • The Loremasters office is also now looking for people to help out with the worldbuilding of Bravo Fleet in conjunction with all the task forces. Reach out at loremaster@bravofleet.com! Here is a bit about it:

I’m now looking for members for the Bravo Fleet Canon Team. We’re going to work on developing the fleet-wide canon of Bravo Fleet, and helping players and GMs integrate that canon into their stories. It’s a big project and a chance to leave your fingerprints on the group going into the future.

If you are interested in the Canon Team, I’d like you to send me a private message with the following:

1. Who you are and what positions you currently hold in Bravo Fleet.

2. What relevant non-Bravo Fleet experience you have – writing, gaming, worldbuilding. 

3. A brief proposal regarding the Gorn. In Bravo Fleet, who should the Gorn be? What should stories about them focus on? What are their values, their goals? What is considered morally upright and morally reprehensible in their culture? This should only be a few sentences – a hook, rather than a fully-developed idea.

  • And last but not least, the Communications Office is looking for some help, as well! Cap is looking for anyone with any out-of-the-box recruitment ideas to get in contact with him at communications@bravofleet.com! He is also looking for a right hand man or woman, so definitely reach out to him!

Until next time, Bravo Fleeters! Once I have more to talk about, you’ll be the first to know!

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