Updates from the BFCO

Yup, you read that right! There have been a few changes that the leadership of Bravo Fleet has adopted, and was subsequently confirmed by the COs. Most of these changes are minor, but I’ll outline them for you… now!

The first slew were pretty straight forward:

  • Changing of all language in the Charter to be gender-neutral
  • Changing the “Bravo Fleet Administrative Council” back to “Bravo Fleet Admiralty”
  • Changing of titles back to their historical uses:
    • Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
    • Bravo Fleet Executive Officer
    • Bravo Fleet Loremaster
    • Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer
    • Bravo Fleet Communications Officer
    • Bravo Fleet Internet Officer
    • Bravo Fleet Magistrate
    • Task Force Commanding Officer/Executive Officer

All of these were confirmed by an overwhelming majority of the COs who responded to the poll sent out. The gender-neutral one is pretty straight forward. As a Star Trek club, we want to be as inclusive as we possibly can. We have plenty of members from all walks of life.

The second two changes were the culmination of a lot of different factors which I’ll try to explain a bit. The first and foremost was that we want Bravo Fleet to be an immersive Star Trek experience. We wanted it to feel like Star Trek, breathe like Star Trek, and be Star Trek. Now that isn’t to say that people on the BFA think they’re actually admirals in Starfleet. That would be silly – but also a historical problem that a select few have had over the years and even recently. The BFA is aware of that, but we feel it is more of an isolated cultural problem than an organizational one. Another issue is that we made the position title changes (and associated character changes) as a trial run. It ended up being confusing for some, and in some ways was hampering a bit of canon development.

These changes also shelf the Academy Commandant until such time as Bravo Fleet is able to support an Academy in the way we want. Right now there are a lot of other projects going on, and without someone to full time develop an academy and a way to implement it on the site, it’s best we focus efforts elsewhere.

The other change was more procedural, and is as follows:

  • Article I, Section 3 will have added to it:
    • When a vote involves a member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, that member is forced to abstain from voting and the number of votes to pass the measure is reduced by one.
    • Unless otherwise stated in this Charter, votes by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty require a simple majority (51%) to pass.
    • Votes to change the Articles I, IV, V, and VI of the Charter require a two-thirds majority of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty to pass.
    • Voting period for the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is 48 hours
    • Voting periods for COs is 48 hours.

The first was a professional given that has been in Bravo Fleet for as long as I can remember. Don’t vote for yourself, it’s bad taste. 😉 The second was just an oopsie that somehow got left out of the Charter by me at some point between all the edits it went through. It has been added back in.

The third was to cover a loophole which would allow the BFA to amend the Charter with a simple majority to then pass things that normally would require higher thresholds. That loophole has now been closed.

The last two are simply codifying a voting period so that voting periods didn’t go on in aeternum. We would like to keep the process open, but efficient. 48 hours should be more than enough time to click a box. Speaking of clicking boxes! All of the COs had the two most recent round of CO votings done. Going forward, we will add a text box to allow for commenting. Mostly, if you vote no, we’re interested to hear why. There are many situations where you guys see things we don’t because you aren’t in the trenches with us. We welcome that feedback!


Commanding Officer

FAdm Teylas Ramar

Bravo Fleet

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