Two Legends Arrive

Today, Task Force 72 celebrates not just one, but two new arrivals. 

In 2388, when the Tzenkethi were beginning to make peaceful overtures to the Federation, many inside the Coalition considered this to be a futile and improper move. These feelings were settled in true Tzenkethi fashion with the coup d’etat of 2388. The Coalition returned to its former ways just in time to be invited to join the Alrakis Pact. At the center stage of this event was Deep Space K-17, an older Federation station that has yet to be decommissioned or replaced. With the Alrakis Pact now on the scene, K-17 stands to be on the front lines of history.

Deep Space K-17 is commanded by Captain Etan Kai (Nate).

On the other side of the galaxy, the Badlands once again demonstrate their ruthlessness, dragging the USS Triumphant through time and space to our present year. The Triumphant, Bravo Fleet’s 2017 Simm of the Year recipient, will soon prove that there is little that can stop or phase them as the Triumphant is refit and recommissioned to aid in Task Force 72’s efforts throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

The USS Triumphant is commanded by Commodore Michael Aravan (Camila). 

Welcome both to Task Force 72!

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