Truce at Neethia

The eyes of the entire quadrant have been watching the Inconnu Expanse as the countdown for the Alrakis Pact’s ultimatum approaches its end. Predictably the Federation did not take this ultimatum lying down. Rather than display a show of force, a diplomatic delegation was dispatched to the Neethia system near the border.

Leading the Federation delegation was Secretary Magnus Temple, though he did not lack for militant advisors.

“This is an important day for Task Force 72 and the Fourth Fleet as a whole,” said Admiral Zachary O’Connell, commander of Task Force 72. “Not only have we been able to avoid open conflict, we have demonstrated that the power of words is stronger than the might of phasers. We hope that moving forward, our vessels, crewmembers, and diplomats can all strive to not just maintain the peace, but continue to illustrate the Federation’s true ideals.”

This, of course, means that Starfleet has made a number of concessions. Namely, no more expansion into the Inconnu Expanse, a region whose very name begs to be surveyed and colonized. By the agreement, the Federation will be permitted to do the former and not the latter.

Secretary Temple himself was unavailable for comment, as he and his staff are tasked with presenting the terms of the agreement to the Federation Council for ratification. However, we did receive a thankless press release from his office.

“The Alrakis Pact drove a hard bargain, but in the end both sides resolved their concerns to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement.”

We give a hearty thanks to the public relations intern who sent that priority transmission and nothing else.

More interestingly, anonymous sources present at the peace talks reveal a far less amiable environment. Many demands were made, including access to Starfleet’s vaunted Quantum Slipstream technology and the right to claim asylum for citizens on either side of the border.

At one point it had appeared that Secretary Temple insulted the Talarian ambassador by over-emphasizing their need for humanitarian aid. The savvy Secretary of the Interior managed to quickly back pedal once Ambassador Hadad of the Talarians pounded the table in indignation. The USS Pandora had garnered significant good will with the Talarians last year, assisting one Ambassador Sevros. With a new sheriff in town, it appears this Ambassador Hadad is far less copacetic. Humanitarian aid was accepted in the final agreement.

The other three powers demanded various forms of data sharing, which with the notable exception of the aforementioned QSD technology, they received. Such is the insatiable thirst of the Federation’s grasp. One can only wonder what other demands were made or if any concessions were given in secret.

The Cardassians expressed a token slight that they were not invited to the summit. Given the bizarre rumors floating in from the Gavarian Frontier regarding the Union and an unknown power, the Federation evidently did not feel it prudent to involve them at this time. Any fool knows better than to be in the same room as a Breen and a Cardassian, so top marks on that one.

Peace is in the air, yet tensions remain at an all time high. Don’t pop the cork on the bubbly just yet, my friends. The pale horseman may ride still.

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