Transparency of BFA Proposals & Votes

In an attempt to improve the transparency around the process through which the Bravo Fleet Admiralty makes decisions affecting our community, the BFA has approved two changes to the Bravo Fleet Constitution.

Firstly, the 48-hour discussion period required before a matter is brought to a vote will now be publicly visible to our community members:

Any vote of the BFA must be preceded by a 48-hour discussion period. During the discussion period, the voting members are free to ask any questions they may have and state any concerns or opinions. The proceedings during this discussion period, excluding discussions related to BFA membership, shall be publicly visible as they occur.

Bravo Fleet Constitution Article IV Section 4.2

Additionally, once a vote has concluded, the tallies for the vote will be made publicly visible to our community members:

Final vote tallies for all votes, except votes related to BFA membership, shall be made publicly available as soon as the vote concludes.

Bravo Fleet Constitution Article IV Section 4.11

Both the discussion periods and the final vote tallies will be publicly visible via Relay Station Bravo (in the Bravo Fleet Admiralty > Proposals and Bravo Fleet Admiralty > Concluded Votes forums respectively). In order to view these forums, you must be logged into a confirmed account on RSB.

As always, if you have comments or suggestions in relation to our community, we’d love to hear them. We are currently discussing ways to make comment to the BFA easier, but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to offer your thoughts through the chain of command to your Task Force Commanding Officer.

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