Three sims join, Task Force 99

The Ashland Initiative is a form of Federation outreach. Until recently the Ashland System has been a fully independent system of mixed species. With both dueterium and dilithium mining facilities, the M-Class planet of Ashland Prime has been the victims of random raiding parties for over a hundred years on and off. In 2385, however, the system was attacked by raiders with heavy weaponry and the damage upon the settlements was far greater than usual in both infrastructure and lives lost. This prompted a request for official assistance from Starfleet. By 2388 Starfleet had built a Starbase (Starbase 468 ‘Kusawake’) in orbit as command saw the opportunity to create a greater foothold within the Borderland in a system which had resources the Federation was in dire need of. The strategic position of the Ashland system with growing Klingon concerns and the recent destabilization of the Romulan Empire with the Hobus incident was also a boon for the Federation. With a Starbase there was special consideration for a grown active presence in the Borderland as a whole and hence the USS Southern Cross and USS Venture were assigned to the area on a permanent basis with the aging USS Venture assigned to the Station as a support craft and the USS Southern Cross as the active patrol and response vessel in the region. In a region bordered by several unpredictable major empires and dozens of independent species as well as the criminal cartel known as the Orion Syndicate there will be many challenges faced, but the goal to tame the Borderland will be sought by those who lead the Ashland Initiative.

Diogara Station, The Year is 2395 and the Federation has known years of peace. It has returned to its tradition mission: Exploration. Peace has been made with the Dominion and the Romulan’s, although trust is still being built on both sides. Despite the peace, however fragile, the Federation President has ordered increased exploration initiatives and technological research to increase. Starfleet have responded by building and preparing another Task Force for Delta Quadrant Exploration, in addition to Task Force 38, who is already there. Starfleet built the second Immense Class Station in the Diogara Sector, to satisfy the Diogaran’s, that as they scaled down their military assets that defended them during their transition to Federation membership, they would continued to be as defended if not better than they once were. . Then they came. Whilst the Borg remained defeated and significantly less than they were prior to Voyager’s historic return home, they brushed the defenses aside of the Federation Transwarp Gateway. They sent a Active Particle Variance Pulse into the gateway, which triggered the Plasma Dissipation Inverter, destroying the Transwarp Gateway in the Delta Quadrant. After the ensuing battle, in which the attacking Borg were destroyed or retreated, they tried to contact Starfleet but found they were unable. When the Gateway was destroyed, it triggered a feedback pulse which dismantled the entire network. Cut off from the Alpha Quadrant, Commodore Peter Gardner takes command of what is left.

“Vanished”, the crew was part of the USS Phoenix, a Galaxy Class Star Ship, at the time under the Command of Rear Admiral Michaels. In the year 2389, the Phoenix was due to be decommissioned due to serious upgrades needed. Setting off SB11 to the Tasoli Nebula, Admiral Michaels is given one last go around before his retire; allowing Michaels to retire on a high note. Upon entering the nebula, the ship encounters a wormhole full of debris and pieces of different ships, that didn’t survive the wormhole. The Phoenix severely damaged by the time it exits the wormhole is unable to support life, and adrift in space. Thrust into the upper atmosphere of nearby colossal M class moon, that the crew later named Spero (Latin for Hope), with basic sensor readings putting the ship on the far side of the Delta Quadrant Admiral Michaels realizes that the ship is going to crash. With little time to spare, an executive decision is made to separate the ship’s saucer section hoping that the bulk of the crew can survive. Her choice was a difficult one but needed, with the ship as a whole heading toward certain destruction she chose to give the civilian heavy saucer section a chance at survival by sacrificing those in the non-aerodynamic stardrive section. As the saucer section heads to the planet surface, Admiral Michaels is killed due to falling debris. With much of the Senior Staff and crew in lifeboats heading to the planet, the dust settles, and the surviving crew came to terms with what happened. Making their home in what remains of the wrecked saucer section, and now under the Commander of the Phoenix’s XO, Lt Commander Gregory Alein, who was forced to take command after the death of the Admiral.

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