The STATs You Love

Life in the Alpha Quadrant continues to demonstrate its capacity for excitement. Conflicts between major powers do not possess a monopoly on activities, nor do exploring strange new worlds. Maintaining and investigating what others have discovered before is proving to be a herculean task.

Enter Starfleet’s Scientific and Technical Assessment Teams (STAT), which are part of the Starfleet Office of Mission Operations. STATs are deployed throughout the Federation to undertake a variety of missions that are small enough to not require an entire starship. Often, STATs are called upon to mobilize at a moment’s notice. 

STAT-42 has been assigned to the USS Polaris as its base of operations. While the Polaris conducts routine missions, the on-board STAT, with its variety of scientific, operations, security, engineering and medical personnel, will conduct its own activities either on- or off-board the vessel.

In terms of Out-of-Character, the Polaris’ command staff will be entirely NPC, with all STAT members being junior officers or enlisted personnel. STAT-42 is commanded by Lieutenant MacKenzie Jordan (Teix). Welcome to the Task Force!

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