The Phoenix Rises!

To all members of Bravo Fleet:

Thank you all for your continued service to Bravo Fleet, dedication to our Star Trek fan club, and continued patience during these trying times. We cannot thank you enough.

In our last announcement, we let everyone know that there was a team of stewards who were temporarily stepping in to help coordinate an effort to get Bravo Fleet back on course. Thanks to a dedicated Think Tank of staff, COs, writers and others in our community, we were able to flesh out a new Bravo Fleet Charter and Bravo Fleet Magistrate Code. There are new terms for old things like the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council, the replacing of the Bravo Fleet Command Council with a term-limited Bravo Fleet Chairman, a complete dissociation of IC rank with OOC position, and a whole slew of new things to make things easier and more member friendly. We also cannot thank the members of this Think Tank enough for their passionate debate and participation in the Think Tank which truly helped flesh out ideas and bring compromise to the fleets new guiding documents

Beyond the day-to-day activities of the Fleet, one of the new things that the new Charter establishes is a Conservatorship. This codifies something that has existed for a very long time. It is a body made up of former BFCOs (or historical equivalents) who do not hold a position in Bravo Fleet’s Administrative Council and exist as a safety net for the long term sustainability of the Fleet. This mostly includes making sure events such as what recently happened aren’t allowed to destroy the organization, as well as maintaining the real world assets of the fleet such as hosting and domains. The current members are VorteX (domains), Aio (hosting), and Sorac Dunar.

The last big change is one that many people have noted, and that the stewards wanted to rectify before “relaunching” the fleet. With all the recent issues, there is a sizable leadership gap in Bravo Fleet. Before the stewards stepped in, there were only four members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty still in place. Therefore, after much deliberation, the stewards have selected a new Bravo Fleet Administrative Council (the governance group that replaces the BFA) going forward. Along with some of the acting BFA members being cemented into their positions, a slew of experienced leaders from all over Bravo Fleet’s history are coming together to make a BFAC that we feel will help relaunch Bravo Fleet to be its best for you, the member. The plan is to train up a generation of new leaders with all The Old Folks by spending a lot of one on one time with them. The new BFAC will be as follows (using Discord names for ease):

  • Bravo Fleet Chairman: Teylas Ramar
  • Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff: Emily
  • Bravo Fleet Loremaster: Tia/Trailfoot
  • Bravo Fleet Academy Officer: JonM
  • Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer: Shannon
  • Bravo Fleet Communications Officer: Capierno
  • Bravo Fleet Internet Officer: KrisK
  • Bravo Fleet Magistrate: MBremer
  • Task Force 9 Administrator: Sean
  • Task Force 38 Administrator: Christopher Mitchell
  • Task Force 64 Administrator: Galen
  • Task Force 72 Administrator: Lady Blue
  • Task Force 93 Administrator: TheCaptain
  • Task Force 99 Administrator: Domingo

If there are any questions, comments, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out. The Bravo Fleet websites will be updated in the next few days to reflect all of these changes.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us as stewards of this transition period, and with these changes now cemented, we are excited to hand the reins off to the new Bravo Fleet Administrative Council. There’s a lot of work ahead of us all, and we look forward to a bright future for Bravo Fleet!


Vince, Mike, Darian, Jon, Aio and Ed

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