The BFIO’s Departure

Hello, Bravo Fleet.

Obviously, many changes have come through lately, but I’m afraid I must provide another. Due to my real life having dramatic changes, I’ve realized that even though I have only been in the BFIO position for about two months, that I must step down. Three weeks ago there was a massive move and condition change for myself and my kids. I’ve realized through all of that, I can’t give the website and the BFIO position the care that it needs.

I thank you all for the time I’ve had in the position and hope that everything keeps going well! I’ll still be lingering around in the background, so I can still be pestered and can help with things if need be when it comes to Nova and the like so don’t be afraid to still ask for help if you need it.

~RADM Karin Mayra aka Kris K

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