The Athegan Gamble

With the situation in the Inconnu Expanse resolved, Starfleet has turned its attention to other regions of space, such as the unpleasant Wastelands and the overlooked Gavarian Corridor. Among these uncontested regions is the Carnwennan Corridor which separates the Talarian Empire and Tzenkethi Coalition, and also borders a portion of the Inconnu Expanse. Some suspect it will only be a matter of time before sanctions similar to that of the Inconnu Access Agreement are rendered against the Federation concerning Carnwennan.

Among the species the Federation have encountered in the corridor, none are like those discovered at the Athegan Rift where an estimated fifty worlds and uncounted satellites thrive. These worlds have stood against each other for centuries, struggling for dominance in an isolated corner of the galaxy. Contact with the Federation and Tzenkethi have demonstrated not just that the rift is a small piece of the universe, but that centuries of strife and struggle are more pointless than ever.

But bad blood is not easily removed. Six Athegan worlds banded together to construct a space station, a neutral zone where talks of peace and diplomacy could bring hope to the Rift. As a measure of good faith, command of this space station will be gifted to the Federation in hopes that its diplomats can accomplish what no one in the Rift ever thought possible: Peace and Prosperity.

Task Force 72 has dispatched the USS Standing Bear to this region where its command crew will assume control of the station, and begin to survey and assess the situation in the rift. Admiral O’Connell had this to say:

“The situation in the Athegan Rift is not unlike that of Bajor and the wormhole some twenty years ago. The Federation hopes to demonstrate, just as it has done then and so many times throughout history, that there is strength in unity.”

When asked to comment on if there were other motives related to undermining the Alrakis Pact, the Admiral declined to respond.

The Standing Bear, an Insignia-class starship under the command of Captain Serenity Nash, though configured for a variety of missions and situations, is alone in potentially hostile region, especially as rumors rise regarding the Dyavek Hon terrorist group, whose manifesto condemns both the Federation and Alrakis Pact, claiming that only those who live in the rift have the power to determine its future.

This message has been brought to you by the Coalition for Athegan Unity. Would you like to know more?

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