Teplans to Seek Federation Membership

Following months of extensive negotiations the Governor of New Bajor has today announced that the Teplans have officially requested membership into the Federation. As the first blight-free natives of Teplan I come of age, the planet’s government looks forward to a return to prominence and scientific advancement.

The Teplans were once a highly advanced culture, however due to the Blight released by the Dominion into the native population both their culture and their technology was lost to time. In 2372, dr. Julian Bashir developed and introduced a cure that would enable all future generations to be born free of the disease. In more recent developments, researchers at the New Bajor Institute of Artificial Diseases has been working for years on a cure that could also help those already born with the disease. They expect such a cure is only half a decade away from completion.

Admiral Archer is set to meet with the government of Teplan I one month from now to formalize the application, her office has stated joy at the prospect of expanding the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant and that the Federation and Teplans have moved closer together over the past decade.

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