Task Force 9 State of the Task Force January 2019/June 2389



It is with a distinct pleasure that I bring this first State of the Task Force to you, the SotTF is intended as a regular source of all non-classified news and updates concerning your comrades in arms. The goal is to create a greater understanding of what happens in our common home beyond the bulkheads of the ship, base or installation.

Tales from the Line

As many have been able to read in the FNS and knew already, the Black Hawk has been out of contact with Task Force command following their operations near Finnea. While the exact nature of their mission remains classified, the rescue efforts are hopeful that the Black Hawk has survived the dangerous voyage through the convergence zone. Experts believe that based on readings encountered so far the Century Class would have been able to sustain transit. In more joyous news the USS Proxima after its extensive operations has finally gotten the chance to take some time off as the crew relaxes on the planet of Anndiia IV along with other crews. I am sure many reading will be envious. Even from the beautiful New Bajor I feel some regrets not taking the invitation.

The USS Scorpio has been ordered to establish contact with the colony on Gamma Centauri, we have recently lost contact with this planet and while we did send the Ascension Class to be ready for anything that may have happened, Task Force Command does believe that the cause of the loss of contact is likely innocent. Rumours have reached Task Force Command that the missing Chimaera is engaging in dubious activities near Dominion territory. All Starfleet members remain under orders to pursue and detain the mutinous crew at any opportunity and restore Starfleet property to Task Force 9 control. Care is adviced however as the crew is known to be armed and believed to be highly dangerous.

The USS Altai has discovered not one but two new species, one of these is believed to be possibly friendly however the other has shown clear violent intentions. Task Force Command is consulting with the First Contact Office and the administration of New Bajor on how to proceed. The USS Ride on its extended mission has made contact with a classified object, the crew is currently moving to investigate. Discoveries on it can potentially aid in future Task Force and Starfleet developments.

The USS Trafalgar is engaged in an ongoing rescue mission seeking to secure Federation and allied citizens following a violent change of government in the Sebrisan system. The ship is currently capable of handling the operation on its own, however assets have been redeployed closer to the system to aid in efforts needed. The USS Triton according to reports from its Captain has found itself in a difficult spot as it is engaging in multiple violent events. Task Force Command does not believe that aid is needed at this time.

General State of the Quadrant

The Gamma Quadrant is the stablest it has been in for decades, the Federation-Dominion alliance while tense at times continues being a stable source of peace for the Quadrant and provides stability. Recent reports in the press indicate that there is some hidden threat striking from the dark, while Task Force Command at this point does believe that the attacks on civilian and even military vessels from several powers are organized we do not yet share the conclusion of the more radical press.

Task Force 9 of course continues to investigate these events and will take the actions demanded by the circumstances. There are however other concerns as well with the Consortium still a force in civilian politics and still in control of several vessels as well as our ongoing mission to expand knowledge of the Gamma Quadrant.

OOC Changes

Breaking from character here, the last month has brought with it a great level of changes on the OOC level as well. Following the very successful survey (filled out by 20% of the Task Force) and an as successful CO meeting we have implemented several policies. These monthly SotTFs are one of them but also a greater involvement from the TFSS in steering story and to be a more public face where we in the past opted to work behind the scenes. All of these efforts will of course continue to be reviewed and those that prove a success kept, and those that don’t work scrapped. Additional efforts as they are thought of will also be attempted.

Going by numbers and activity Task Force 9 is in a very good state, while not every sim is as fast as the others, all are commanded by committed Commanding Officers and crews and we are not concerned about any at this time.

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