Task Force 9 State of the Task Force February 2019/June 2389



Welcome to the second edition of the State of the Task Force. Due to great reception of the previous one I am glad to say that the original plan to keep this a monthly tradition is going to stay. While a week later thatn originally planned due to extenuating circumstances, in the future you may always expect it around the 15th of the month. This month we have a very nice edition with all our great vessels producing even more compelling story.

Tales from the Line

Following the battle involving the original USS Onnar, the crew is enjoying a shore leave prior to its redeployment to the Gamma Quadrant on the new Excalibur Class USS Onnar. Task Force 9 is looking forward to the addition of this great ship with its experienced crew as they add much needed resources to the ever-expanding and resource-starved operations of the Task Force in continuing its exploration in all directions. The USS Proxima has meanwhile seen some changes to its crew as it is enjoying some much needed and deserved shore leave on Anndiia IV. The Andii who inhabit the planet are known for a deep commitment to culture and the arts and are currently holding a music festival famous throughout the Quadrant. If you find yourself near the planet and have some shore leave left I definitely encourage you to take a look.

News has arrived at Task Force Command about the fugitive USS Chimaera and its crew, they are believed to currently be somewhere to the north-east of Starbase Unity. Intelligence officials near the ship believe that on their current direction they will be outside of the range of most Starfleet assets. We will of course continue coordinating with our Dominion allies to bring the ship to justice.

Unfortunately the mystery of the Black Hawk remains ongoing, while we maintain the ship on its current MIA status Science and Engineering teams have so far proven unable to decisively enter the Convergence Zone with probes to confirm the status of the ship. Resources remain dedicated to the rescue of the Black Hawk and we will not give up until the ship has been brought back safely. The USS Scorpio has meanwhile reported that it has entered the Omega Centauri system and is currently scanning the area for signs of a hostile presence or natural phenomenon. An away team is being prepared to land on the colony to find out what is going on. There are no signs of combat however no contact has been made with the colonists either so while Task Force Command maintains all options as possible, we fear that a catastrophic event has happened to the colonists.

Following additional confirmation Task Force Command now feels comfortable to reveal that the object encountered by the USS Ride is a Borg sphere that has come under attack by an unknown force. The crew has secured several Borg drones and is investigating what has transpired. It cannot be ruled out that the attack on this Sphere is related to attacks on civilian vessels throughout the Quadrant. I have ordered increased escorts of civilian transit throughout the Quadrant and have ordered all Starfleet vessels to increase readiness to aid ships. At this time we do not see a need to restrict exploration or trade activities. We will of course continously monitor the threat and continue consilting with the Dominion and other allies in the Quadrant.

The USS Trafalgar has meanwhile made an unexpected discovery on its mission to evacuate Federation and allied citizens. It has been reported that the crew has encountered illegal weapons among the Sebrisans and has come under attack from a vessel hijacked by a client-state. Task Force Command is preparing to send reinforcements to the sector to aid the Trafalgar in its operations and to prevent these dangerous weapons from being spread. The USS Altai has meanwhile had to call in the support of a nearby Starfleet vessel as it has discovered, engaged and disabled a ship from a previously unknown species that has shown strong hostility. Task Force Command is of course monitoring the situation closely.

Finally on the homefront, the political instability on New Bajor has resulted to an increased presence of the Bajoran Militia on the planet. At the request of the government Starfleet has withdrawn from security duties related to the election of a new government. We are of course monitoring the situation to prevent Consortium activity from disrupting proceedings. I personally wish the New Bajorans the best of luck with the elections before them and look forward to cooperating with the new administration on our shared home. I encourage all Starfleet Officers that have voting rights on New Bajor to exercise their democratic duty. Deep Space 11 has established secure datalinks so all ships within the Quadrant can serve as polling stations.

General State of the Quadrant

Unfortunately recent revelations and culmination of events have resulted in a reduced security situation within the Gamma Quadrant. Increasing evidence is pointing towards the attacks on Federation shipping as well as the attacks on other powers being a coordinated effort. The strength and ruthlessness imply the parties responsible for it have access to advanced technology. Starfleet Intelligence has redirected all available resources to discovering those responsible and establishing a strategy to remove the threat to our citizens.

Evidence also has reached my office that Consortium agents are increasing their activities for some kind of new offensive against Starfleet control. I have ordered increased security at all vital Starfleet and Federation installations and have ordered Starfleet Intelligence to share information with civilian governments on a need to know basis so they can protect themselves from infiltration.

OOC Changes

Not too much has happened on the OOC level in the past month, after figuring out the technical problems we have established a new website for the New Bajor Simulatio which shall serve as a central producer of canon in addition to what the sims are already doing. We have also been working on Infobase updates, the first of which are being rolled out this Weekend. Infobase updates remain a high priority and will continue in the following months. We will consult COs and players to establish which areas they want updates on the most so we can divide the likely multi-month process on the basis of which updates have the highest priority.

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