Task Force 64’s Alternate History Simulations Arrive

Did you ever wonder what would have happened if humans lost the Earth-Romulan war at the Battle of Charon? If the United Federation of Planets never got formed? Well, wonder no longer!

Two ships have arrived in 64 trying to overthrow the Romulan Empire, which is currently occupied with war with the Klingon Empire. The UES Ticonderoga, a NX Intrepid Class is commanded by Captain Glenn Walker.

Also in this universe is the UES Aurora, a NX Franklin Class starship, which is commanded by Commander Chris Jacobs.

This is a perilous time where humans are limited to warp 5, have limited weapons technology, and are only permitted to do exploration that does not interfere with the Romulan Empire’s goals. Defying the Romulan Empire could mean death. Do you have the bravado to stand up to the Romulans? If so, then these sims are for you!

We welcome Ticonderorga and Aurora to our Task Force and look forward to seeing what these alternate universe simulations can produce!

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