Task Force 64 Welcomes USS America

Task Force is pleased to announce its second new sim in the month of March. The USS America has chosen to continue its missions in Bravo Fleet. This sim has its origins in 2002. Having run for 7 years before taking a hiatus, restarting in 2015 and taking another hiatus in 2016, America and its feisty Captain Kelly Jean O’Connor will be starting its 7th mission in Bravo Fleet.

Set in 2296, America occurs just after the last Original Series movies. This is a time where Star Trek has very little canon and gives the USS America a great deal of free reign to meet cultures and create relationships with races that are common in The Next Generation. What we do know is that in 2296, the USS America is one of the last Constitution class starships as they are being retired in favor of Excelsiors. This could be your last chance to ride on a classic Star Trek brand! Join now!

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