Task Force 64 Welcomes the USS Repulse

Task Force 64 is proud to welcome to the Kelvin timeline, the USS Repulse, which can be found in the Outriders Group. It will become the second Kelvin ship in this timeline.

Now, honestly, how could it really be only the second ship? Are we Admirals lacking a fleet that we only have just now found this second ship? Back in my day, we had at least a hundred and they certainly ran faster than this Mayflower Class that looks like it could barely jump a puddle! And what is that on there? A spoiler? Is that needed to make it look like it can go fast. Even my old Daedalus class did not need a spoiler. A ship should look neat and clean without any extras. I remember how we used to build ships. Men were men. Women were women. Hortas were hortas…. Oh, wait. Where was I going with this?

Oh, yes, welcome USS Repulse. It is commanded by Captain Elias Walker and its Executive Officer is Commander Ashlie Eider. How does one pronounce that last name? Did someone misspell Elder? If it is Eyeder, in pronunciation, why not just do that? Or Ay! Der?! Oh, I have been sidetracked again. Welcome Repulse! We’ll be seeing you on the front lines between those nasty Klingons and Romulans in 2261.

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