Task Force 64 Taking Care of Business

Friends, colleagues and all Bravo Fleet members. Welcome to the new Task Force 64. I am Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan, the new Task Force CO. I remember the days when I was just a CO of a ship. What a beautiful ship it was, the USS Ghost, one of the last Daedalus class starships before they were decommissioned. How I miss Ghost and Smitty….

But, oh, that’s right, I am the new Task Force CO. My Task Force XO is blue, just like most Andorians. A good color blue, that is. Much better than something like fuchsia. Blue is a proper color. Oh, sorry. His name is Commodore Eryv ch’Azaarhir. That’s too long and difficult for me to say, so I just call him Erv but you all can address him by his proper name and title.

Now, when I came in to take over for Rear Admiral T’Mora, I found a number of things left undone. You know how it is with some Caitians? Too much of their feline instinct is left and they have a tendency to get distracted easily. So, anyways, I found that there were a number of promotions just waiting in the draft file. Who ever heard of a draft file? I mean, whatever happened to good old fashioned paper? You either had it or you did not have it. There was none of this in between.

Oh, so without further adieu, I have the pleasure of announcing the following promotions:

Lieutenant Commander Katherine Williams of the USS Augusta is officially promoted to the rank of Commander and shall hereinafter be known as Commander Katherine Williams. This makes my life easier because it really is a mouthful to say Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations Commander Katherine Williams.

Commander Cynthia Lynette Jackson of the USS Legacy is officially promoted to the rank of Captain and shall hereinafter be known as Captain Cynthia Jackson. I know that this may make Admiral Wheeler upset but he is a bit of a difficult person and I just enjoy making his life a bit more difficult. Congratulations Captain Cynthia Jackson.

Now, should there be anything that any of my Fleet COs need, please do not hesitate to contact me. The door is always open for me and my blue Commodore. Come on in. Take a load off and have a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you might need. I would be happy to regale you with tales of the way things used to be. For now, however, Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan out.

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