Task Force 38 Executive Officer

Commanding Officers of Task Force 38,

Over the past couple of weeks, I have sought out applicants to fill the role of Task Force Executive Officer. There were many qualified and impressive applicants, and I appreciate the time that each and every one of you carved out to present me with ideas on how to make the Task Force and Fleet better as a whole. After a lengthy period of consideration, I have selected Ansel AKA Commander Elgor Rae of the USS Diligent for the role. 

Ansel brings many years of experience in a variety of roles from Game Master to Task Force Commanding Officer and I look forward to working with him. 

In character, Commander Rae will be promoted to the rank of Captain. Out of Character, Ansel will be working with me and any interested Game Masters to build and implement a cohesive Task Force Canon and also assist me in improving Commanding Officer engagement throughout the Task Force. 

In varietate concordia,



Major General Christopher Mitchell

Commanding Officer, Task Force 38

Bravo Fleet

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