Task Force 29 Report – July ’19

Task Force 29
Monthly report July 2019

month has been the very first for Task Force 29, our first specialist Task
Force.  We are home to simulations that
are outside the scope of normal Task Forces, such as simulations in different
times, universes or different worlds. 
For a more detailed blurb, see the Obsidian Fleet TF29 page here;


As our first
month will be setting up and sorting out some of the more specialised detailed,
I would like to welcome Captain Talla H’Rhar of the USS Sarek, Captain
Charlotte Reynolds of the USS Defiant and the incoming Commander Bethsabée
Leroux of the USS Atlantis. 

The specially
created form for TF29 will be operational by the end of the month, it will be a
little similar to the standard CO Application form but will have specialised questions
that will cover everything needed to enter TF29.  All applications will be reviewed on an
individual basis and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your idea in full, and
as you may be aware TF29 will be the first time existing CO’s have the opportunity
to take a second simulation within Obsidian Fleet.

Task Group
A: (to be named)

The USS Atlantis
will be joining Task Group A.  The NX
Class will be the first to join the group as a simulation from another time in
the Prime Universe, we are very excited to see what the crew develops.

Group B: (to be named)

No simulations for

Group C: (to be named)

The very long
running USS Sarek and the successful USS Defiant now call 29C home, both are doing
really well and we are excited to see them continue to grow their stories.


Only a few
immediate goals for August;

  • TF29 Application
  • Name the
    TF and TG (hopefully)
  • Work
    with current simulations to see how we can create a group story

Any other business

Nothing within the scope of this report.

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