Takato named TGCO in TF93; can she balance additional duties with Raeya Sector Block problems?

Cover of Galaxy Magazine, featuring Captain Takato

Captain Ryoko Takato was named Task Group Commanding Officer (TGCO) of Task Force 93 (TF93) in the latest personnel changes issued by Vice Admiral Yewande Banda, TF93 Commanding Officer. CAPT Takato is set to oversee the Task Group Forseti and while many Starfleet experts say TGCO duties are largely administrative, many wonder if CAPT Takato can balance her duties with increasing problems in the Raeya Sector Block (RSB) as she is now dual hatted as TGCO and the Sector Commander (SECCOM) of the RSB.

VADM Banda stated “CAPT Takato has the utmost faith of TF93 and there is no one more qualified to tackle the issues of the RSB as a decorated veteran who has seen the scourge of war. I have no doubts about her ability to administratively oversee Task Group Forseti.”

CAPT Takato is most famous for serving a lengthy time as a Prisoner of War (POW) held by the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK), the rebelling houses of the Klingon Empire, when she was in command of the USS Tornado.

When asked by reporters about her additional duties, the SECCOM only said “There is enough work ahead of me, I will try my best to bring everything to order again.”

Now available: The Scoop

Galaxy has teamed up with our broadcast affiliate, The Scoop, a subspace radio station from Union Colony, to give you additional information about the RSB. Have a listen!

Inside The Scoop Episode 2:

  • Icarus Incident at New Victoria
  • USS Wolf explores Meridian Cloud
  • SoK spotted in RSB?
  • Lunar Festival Celebrations

Missed the First Episode of the Scoop?

Inside The Scoop Episode 1:

  • Asteroid belt attack disrupts Union mining operations; Starfleet nowhere in sight
  • RiddleStone stock plummets after teen dies from consuming energy drink
  • Raeya, Faltan, and Union government representatives rumored to be meeting
  • Is Faltan Station’s CO in a relationship with his First Officer?
  • Warning issued over Meridian Cloud

Congratulations to Patrick AKA BlackWolf who takes command of TG-Forseti! We will be shuffling the TGs again to retain balance so be on the lookout for some slight changes.

The Communications Directorate has been quite busy creating these wonderful podcasts and we have started a monthly magazine, Galaxy, to help feature the happenings of TF93!

We look forward to exciting new features we will be rolling out this year for the TF as we continue writing our adventures in the Beta Quadrant. Stay tuned!


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