Starbase 72 to Host Briefing on Freedom’s Legion

The Office of the Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

The populist movement operating under the umbrella
designation of FREEDOM’S LEGION.


In recent months, operations at several Starfleet facilities have been impacted by protests and other forms of civil unrest facilitated by groups of individuals calling themselves FREEDOM’S LEGION.

In response to this, THE OFFICE OF THE TASK FORCE 72 COMMANDING OFFICER will be hosting an intelligence briefing on STARBASE 72 related to the activities and operations of FREEDOM’S LEGION. Starfleet personnel who have direct knowledge or information related to FREEDOM’S LEGION are hereby requested to attend. Attendance may be in person, through a representative or via telepresence.

For background context, FREEDOM’S LEGION is categorized as a populist movement that claims the existence of a disconnect between Federation and Starfleet policies and the needs of frontier colony worlds. The organization appears to lack central leadership. Instead, it appears to be led by a loose network of cell leaders, colloquially called the SHADOW’S COURT, with varied aims from media campaigns and political change to violence and rebellion. Widely known actions to date include disruption of the PROJECT: LONG JUMP GALA and a successful intrusion of the FEDERATION NEWS NETWORK that led to the quadrant-wide dissemination of a call of secession. STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE has also begun investigating concerns that FREEDOM’S LEGION may be influenced by foreign interests. For more information, see the Bravo Fleet Infobase.

If you or your staff have information relevant to the activities and operations of FREEDOM’S LEGION, please contact the OFFICE OF THE TASK FORCE 72 COMMANDING OFFICER for more information regarding attendance.

Rear Admiral Aria Edir
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
Fourth Fleet


This canon development joint post is open to all Bravo Fleet COs and writers interested in contributing to the Freedom’s Legion story arc. Instead of developing the story events through out-of-character discussions, this briefing will provide us with an opportunity to develop Freedom’s Legion in-character.

To participate, contact JonM on the Bravo Fleet Discord server to get set up with an account on Starbase 72. You are welcome to bring your primary character in person or via telepresence or create a new character that will act as a temporary or permanent presence on Starbase 72.

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