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Happy Friday, everyone. On behalf of Task Force 72, I have a few award recipients for the first quarter, specifically concerning the Task Force Participation Medal.

The Assembly Hall of Ashalla has arrived with a “bang!” Bajor hasn’t been seen since its backdrop in Deep Space Nine, and has only seen occasional mentions throughout Bravo Fleet. Since its arrival in the Fleet this year, the amazing group of players have restored Bajor’s prominence to the Federation, placed it in a pivotal role, and have established some crossover with New Bajor in Task Force 9. This medal is awarded to its GM, Kai, on behalf of the entire sim.

Starfleet Academy: Bajor Campus, also located on Bajor, stands on Task Force 72’s single largest sim. It is not recognized for its size, but its contributions in fleshing out life on Bajor, a unique view at Starfleet Academy. In addition to crossing over with Ashalla, the Academy is embarking on a new Freedom’s Legion arc, and has touched on a few others in the fleet at large, notably the Sovereignty of Kahless arc. This medal is awarded to its GM, Joey, on behalf of the entire sim.

Law Enforcement Team 72 is a unique simulation, poised to access multiple Task Force Storylines. Its first focus as a character-driven simulation hasn’t stopped the team from interfacing with both the Alrakis Pact and Freedom’s Legion arcs. This medal is awarded to its GM, Stephen, on behalf of the entire sim.

Memory Theta stands as one of the Task Force’s highest honored sims. It itself laid the foundation for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), and opened the door for the formation of Task Group Hecate. Its missions, ranging from a situation on Bynus to the creation of the Black Nagus are opening up a lot of new opportunities for the Task Force at large. This medal is awarded to it’s GM, Wizardbeard, on behalf of the entire sim.

Both Canopus Station and the USS Traveller are both examples of sims that have thrived with the OSI. They are mentioned here together in acknowledgement of the Messier 4 developing story, each sim blazing trails in different areas of this section outside the normal galaxy. Just one of its many aspects, the Long Jump Project, became the initial target for the Freedom’s Legion arc which is now taking off like wildfire in the Alpha Quadrant. These medals are awarded to its GM, JakeSjet, on behalf of both sims.

The USS Nogura did not get its start in 72, but has made a hefty mark since its arrival in October 2018. Already, it has made connections between the Cardassian Order of 12 and the Consortium which still infests the Gamma Quadrant (and the beefy aftermath thereof), and it is taking lead on the new Wastelands arc. This medal is awarded to its GM, Kai, on behalf of the entire sim.

The Indigo Rose chronicles the stories of a Marine Special Operations team that was stranded in the Inconnu Expanse and their struggle to return home by any means necessary. Through their stories of strife, we can truly see the measure of an individual, and also obtain a unique look at Breen and Tzenkethi behavior inside the Expanse. This medal is awarded to its GM, Star Geek, on behalf of the entire sim.

The USS Magellan was one of our first responders to the formation of the Alrakis Pact, plunging deep into the Alrakis Pact, dropping by Deep Space Seven’s former location, and also gathered intelligence on a few things the Pact is attempting to hide. This medal is awarded to its GM, Aio, on behalf of the entire sim.

The USS Pandora, one of 72’s longest-standing sims, is our trailblazer in the Inconnu Expanse. Though many ships have entered, none have explored as much as this Luna-class vessel, from settling a border dispute between the Talarians and Tzenkethi, introducing the Ravagers, and now exploring the alien Paradise Outpost. This medal is awarded to its GM, Temple, on behalf of the entire sim.

Last, but not least, I wish to do something unusual. This medal is typically awarded to sims in a Task Force. However, due to extraordinary circumstances, I am electing to bestow this award on seven individuals, Aio, Wizardbeard, Stephen, Temple, Teix, BlackWolf, and Beeman, for their involvement in the “Negotiations” miniseries hosted between Palais de la Concorde and Starbase 72. This grand experiment was a rousing success, ensuring that the Federation would not lose access to a cornerstone area of 72’s Area of Operations, the Inconnu Expanse. Well, at least for now. Only time will truly tell.

Please join me in congratulating all of these recipients and their incredible crews!

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