Sim Spotlight – Deep Space 7

Sim Spotlight - Deep Space 7 1

This months sim spotlight is another new ship that joined us very recently is Deep Space 7 in TF47. @911ghostrider had this to say about her sim and the exciting things they have planned:

“Things are not always the way they seem…” – Robert Hanssen

Inspired by the infamous 20th Century American double agent Robert Hanssen, the Cold War itself, and Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel series, Deep Space 7 is every spy fan’s dream! I love the tension and drama that is created by a good ‘Spy vs Spy’ story, where everyone at one point begins to question each other and even themselves. Not everything comes up roses and not every person in Starfleet believes in its motto. This sim is proof. On Deep Space 7, everyone has a past. It’s what they do with it that either makes or breaks them.

Our first mission of 2019 (and our first official mission of the sim) involves a blast from the past, one that everyone (not even I) expected. That is half of the fun in writing! Organic character-driven plots are my bread and butter and I look forward to pushing my writers (and future writers) to new levels they never expected to hit.

Deep Space 7 is only just beginning! My writers are all amazing and have been bringing forth fascinating and interesting characters and there are a number of openings available for anyone looking for a challenge.

As usual, if anyone wants to be in the spotlight I would love to hear from you. Please contact me on discord goldun#8667 or email comms at

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