Pride of the Galactic Fleet

The USS Athena has returned after her 300 year ordeal in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Mar will take on the task of rebuilding what was lost so many years ago.

It is now 2675, 300 years have passed since Operation Return and 260 years since the remnants settled in a resource-rich system in the Delta Quadrant. Entire generations have born, lived and died with the sole purpose of bringing about the restoration of paradise. The time has finally arrived. Incorporating the best advances of Starfleet, Klingon and Borg technology combined with an industry solely built on the production of war machines, the time to return has arrived.

USS Athena is an Odyssey Class vessel, the pride of the Galactic Fleet, and the vanguard of its efforts to regain what was lost. The Alpha and Beta Quadrants have changed, nothing is as the stories they were told about the times before the war. The Athena has the lonely mission of returning and collecting data on the current status and to seek out any resistance that may still be left and to harm the Dominion every chance it gets. The Dominion War is not over yet.

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