Player & Simulation of the 1st Quarter (2019)!

It’s that time of year again! Selected from the previous 3 months of monthly award winners, here are your 1st Quarter 2019 Player and Simulation Winners!

Player of the Quarter

For outstanding authorship and flexibility in the face of a new sim, new crew, and shifting positions. Cal joined on as our CMO after our my (Commander Rae’s) medical leave caused a shakeup in the roster. Upon the return of our previous CMO, Cal graciously offered to take on the science department will doubling up and taking on the role of second officer, all the while contributing some of our favorite writing.

Simulation of the Quarter

They have had a crazy month, with a change in command that seemed to happen very quickly, but the crew don’t seem to have been bothered or have worried about it all as they have just gotten on with their writing, and even the change hasn’t made much of a change, 11 posts in a month where changes happen like commands, and they have made it quite clear that they want to focus on their writing and their storyline. Well done and keep it going Faltan Station!

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