Passing the Torch

To launch a sim is a great activity that is rewarding beyond measure but it can also be exhausting. As respectable as it is to keep a sim thriving, it is as respectable to know when you no longer have the time and pass the torch to someone who can keep going with the same enthusiasm and commitment as you started.

Clintie, the Commanding Officer of the Proxima has reached that point. Earlier this week he has notified the Task Force 9 Senior Staff of his intent to resign his Command. Clintie took the Proxima from an idea into an incredibly compelling and productive writing community. I am truly saddened to see him leave but respect him for making the decision before lack of time took a toll on his sim.

While this message starts with sad news, it will end with positive. From the current crew Endia has stepped forward to take command of the Proxima. I have worked with him in several communities and know he is both a great writer and organizer. I look forward to the Proxima’s new chapter under his lead.

Thank you Clintie, good luck Endia!

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