Operational Policies

In our effort to finish turning all of the By-laws into Policies, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty has finished up (well, mostly!) with the Operational Policies. Most of this will look familiar, but I want to highlight a few changes:

  • The addition of a “long-form simulation”: A simulation that focuses on post content and quality, rather than quantity. These are essentially sims that focus on longer, more detailed posts in writing, but not necessarily the pace that a normal sim runs at.
  • Task Force to Task Force transfers now go through the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer to allow for impartial and safe-space ways to move around
  • Task groups are now at TFCO discretion, regardless

Our last Policy we have to bring forth is the LOA policy which is currently quite extensive. We’re looking to shorten it as we did with everything else to bring it into line with an easy-to-read and common language. The Legal and Privacy Policies will remain unchanged.

All Policies can now be found on the Wiki! As with all things, we welcome your comments and proposals for making these better. Remember that per the Bravo Fleet Charter, any member can bring forth concerns or proposals, including those on any Policy.

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