May 2019 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the May 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lieutenant JG Vadar Tajax, USS Medea;
This month, the command staff have awarded Player of the Month to Patrick G/ConfusedFire, who plays Lieutenant JG Vadar Tajax. Through all the stuff that has been going on, he has kept the Discord channel goofy and fun! Congrats, Patrick!

Lieutenant Casniy Maran, USS Mercury;
Lieutenant Maran has been consistently active on the Mercury, with several NPCs and eagerness to get involved with the story.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabelle Veran PhD, USS Shanghai;
A new player with us but came on a referral of a friend. She jumped right in immediately and kept moving strong. A large number of posts and playing with each player over the course of the few weeks she’s been with us, she’s already started to carve out a spot with the team. I look forward to seeing what she can do once she settles in.

Lieutenant Colonel Alete Strom, Tau Lyrae;

Simulation of the Month

USS Victory;
For writing compelling stories and displaying strong activity.

USS Augusta;
The sim has been quietly working away and building itself into one of the premier sims in 64.

Hawkeye Island;
The simulation has been working very hard over the last few months and have really made their place in the Task Force. They work well together and their posts are quite interesting to read, and I have quite enjoyed myself reading through their posts. The other Commanding Officers in the Task Force have also agreed that they have had a good month and had the most votes in our first month of the new monthly voting system.

Tau Lyrae;
For writing compelling stories and displaying strong activity.

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