March 2019 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the March 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lieutenant Grek’lek “Gray” Skarn, USS Ride;
for continuously producing engaging story from within his position and great involvement in the state and maintenance of the sim.

Lieutenant Commander Cal Everett, USS Diligent;
For outstanding authorship and flexibility in the face of a new sim, new crew, and shifting positions. Cal joined on as our CMO after our my (Commander Rae’s) medical leave caused a shakeup in the roster. Upon the return of our previous CMO, Cal graciously offered to take on the science department will doubling up and taking on the role of second officer, all the while contributing some of our favorite writing.

Lieutenant JG Preston DeVeau, USS Augusta;
Lieutenant Junior Grade Preston DeVeau of the USS Augusta is a wonderful writer. We love reading the interactions with Preston and Carla. Beyond that the writer is very active in discord, and always has a lot of great ideas for the story, progressing forward.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Izaro Chameer, USS Altantis;
“Izaro jumped in headfirst with the story of his arranged marriage to Treyla Solwick. Along with that, he has written joint posts with other players with minimal encouragement from the command staff; integrating himself very well into the crew and his bridge work.

Ensign Lailani Bell, Crystal Fruits;
The best proof is the scripts she is part of. I have seen this new recruit, a great young woman that is willing to be part of the team and learn to grow and take such big steps. Ensign Bell is one of the new generation writers that the Team and I try to guide and her contribution is only growing each session!

Lieutenant Commander Hades, Starbase 400;
I’d like to nominate Kat aka Lieutenant Commander Hades (Chief Medical Officer) and Splendora Sage (Civilian). Kat has been amazing this episode with both characters. While Dr. Hades has been involved in a medical emergency during the event on Cardassia, Splendora has been dealing with a traumatic event from her past that she is only now realizing.

Simulation of the Month

USS Onnar;
for hitting the ground running as it completes its transfer. The Onnar in the single month it has been here has already shown a great level of quality that will only continue to enrich the Task Force and Fleet at large.

USS Diligent;
For the month of March, I would like to nominate the USS Diligent for SotM. The posts on their forum are very well written, thought out, and detailed. The story flows extremely well, which is not something I see often on forum based sims. Great job, Diligent!

USS Amaterasu;
This sim has only 4 players but has pumped out both quality and quantity of posts! One wonders what could happen with this sim if an additional writer or two joined it!

USS Nogura;
The cast and crew of the USS Nogura have poured tremendous energy into the Task Force, resulting in the creation of the new Wastelands region, as well as some very unique approaches to existing canon, including a tie-in with the Fleet-Wide Quantum Slipstream Drive roll-out with implications that certain installs are being sabotaged at the install yards.

USS Wolf;
The storyline is fascinating, the players are active, and the overall vibe of the simm is wonderful to watch! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the unassuming crew!

Ashland Initiative;
“This sim is nominated for Simm of the Month for it’s promising storyline and setting. Being a new sim in TF99, I look forward to seeing how its stories will unfold and how the sim will come into its own.

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