January 2019 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the January 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

SCPO Alexander Rylan, USS Black Hawk;
Developing an intense and engaging story as well as constantly finding ways to engage other players.

Lt. Cmdr. Marian Downe, USS Yorktown;
Currently, the Yorktown has been engaging in large scale JPs for the month of January to be posted soon. Commander Downe has been largely driving the ship side JP with excellent writing, creative narrative, and an awesome vision for where he sees the storyline. He’s been pulling some of us along for the ride for what has turned out to be a great JP.

No Nomination due to technical problems

LCpl Jonis Shakaar, Indigo Rose;
Jonis is new not just to the Indigo Rose, but this type of role-playing and writing all together. This has not stopped him from committing to the sim, answering tags and finding ways to get involved, asking questions whenever stuck or needing guidance.

Lt Wale Scholl, USS Shanghai;
He’s jumped in as science officer with an interesting character, and has provided great ideas for subplots along with great posts within the mission proper. In addition, he jumped right in and set up posts with multiple players to get his character connected to other crew members. He’s been a great new player to have aboard, and barely feels like a new player barely more than a month into his time with us.

Lt. Ariana Monroe, Starbase 400;
Chief Counselor aka Janet has been a great addition to SB400 since joining last year. She’s engaging, keeps the plot moving, JPs well with other members, and is active OOC too.

Simulation of the Month

USS Black Hawk;
Continuing to engage to develop a compelling and very detailed canon in a previously generally ignored part of the Gamma Quadrant. The Black Hawk achieves the feat of achieving on its own a storyline that could very well have been a full canon.

USS Medea;
Despite being a new simm, they got off to a running start. The posts are well written and there’s a good mix of solo and joint posts.

No Nomination due to technical problems

Law Enforcement Team 72;
A popular nominee from among our COs, LET72 possesses a unique premise and structure. Its flexibility has allowed it to participate in multiple storylines at once, from the fallout of the Freedom’s Legion to providing security during one of the most intense negotiations since the Treaty of Bajor. Aside from its canon offerings, it is highly character driven, peeling back the curtain on the most stoic of security officers.

Faltan Station;
I am going to nominate Faltan Station this month. They have had a crazy month, with a change in command that seemed to happen very quickly, but the crew don’t seem to have been bothered or have worried about it all as they have just gotten on with their writing, and even the change hasn’t made much of a change, 11 posts in a month where changes happen like commands, and they have made it quite clear that they want to focus on their writing and their storyline. Well done and keep it going Faltan Station!

USS Taniwha;;
I would like to nominate the USS Taniwha for TF99’s Sim of the Month. They continue to progress through their mission at a steady pace and the story continues to develop.

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