January 2019 Monthly Awards – Addendum

We had a slight delay in receiving the nominees for the Player and Simulation of the Month from Task Force 64, but as they say “better late than never”. Without further delay, please join me in congratulating the January 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients from Task Force 64!

Player of the Month

ieutenant Jane Sinclair, USS Legacy;Our blue-haired doctor has revitalized our sim, giving us the breath of fresh air that was needed when Sable went on ELOA. Sinclair has fully integrated herself into the past with backposts and participating fully in the current stream of Legacy and is building numerous relationships with crew in and out of character. We are thrilled to have her on our ship.

Simulation of the Month

USS Augusta;The USS Augusta has managed amazing performance in January with a significant number of high quality posts. The CO and the crew manage to consistently put out high quality content that enriches the Task Force.

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