Hawkeye Island returns to active duty in TF93; Ajax set to deploy to RSB; is RSB diverting resources from Gorn & Klingon theaters?

Hawkeye Island returned to active duty in Task Force 93 (TF93) per Vice Admiral Yewande Banda, TF93 Commanding Officer. CDR Matthew Alexander takes command of Hawkeye Island in the Raeya Sector Block (RSB) on the heels of multiple incidents that have raised questions about the loyalty of RSB to the Federation.

Hawkeye Island used to be the headquarters of TF93’s Starfleet Marines, located in the Randa Islands on Raeya III. After Super Hurricane E’tal in 2384, the base operations wound down significantly as several terrorist incidents were perpetrated by the Eternal Light, a resistance group labeled terrorists, with suspected ties to the government of Raeya III.

CDR Alexander was a former Science Officer, an unusual choice for command of a volatile base with so much controversy. VADM Banda had a different opinion.

“CDR Alexander is not a stranger to Raeya III and has an impeccable record. We trust him to foster a relationship with Raeya III that protects everyone’s interests of peace for the RSB,” VADM Banda stated.

Ajax set to deploy to RSB

The USS Ajax, commanded by LT Jason Tigan, is a Wallace-class patrol ship set to deploy to the RSB.

Many Starfleet observers noted that the Ajax deployment is probably the best-fit considering the vessel’s size and unassuming nature, to crack down on the numerous incidents occurring in the RSB.

Some observers wonder if a young Lieutenant is the right commander for such a task. CAPT Ryoko Takato, the recently appointed Sector Commander of RSB said:

“With resources cut down to a minimum, we have to get creative with the elements we have. USS Ajax is such example of this creativity, it shall be a fine addition to our operations in the sector,” Takato said.

Is RSB diverting resources from Gorn & Klingon theaters?

With two additional assets drawing resources into the RSB, many Starfleet observers are wondering at what cost to the Gorn & Klingon Theaters is being assessed by the increased incidents of disgruntled RSB residents.

Two Starfleet Battle Groups, led by the USS Hawaii and USS Devonshire, are preparing to initiate operations at the Canterra System. Already, the Gorn War has claimed numerous lives in the First Battle of Xavier Fleet Yards (XFY) and now Starfleet reports that there were at least 5 deaths & 42 wounded in the Second Battle of XFY.

Federation planets around the Gorn Theater are already nervous about the resolution of the current conflict and tensions are rising within the Federation, including incidents in the Alpha Quadrant perpetrated by Freedom’s Legion, a newly formed dissident group.

“It is bad enough that our trade is suffering. Now we have to worry about getting stabbed in the back by our own people? We spend resources to protect those guys on the frontier from the Romulans, C’Hakilians, and Krazzle. The least they can say is ‘thank you.’ We have the Gorn that took over two Federation planets and now you’re telling me a cargo shipment is cancelled for lack of escorts because we’re sending ships out to the RSB?! This is BS,” one angry citizen of Bellatrix said, who went by the name Robert.

The Klingon Theater also rages on, although news is tightly held by the Klingon Government.

Several Starfleet vessels are leading the charge, led by CAPT Erin Sable, Klingon Theater Commander, such as the USS Astraea.

The Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK) has recently made inroads to the lawless Triangle Region, claiming once-neutral territory.

Sentiments in the region were equally contentious with the rising level of uncertainty in the face of a raging civil war.

“I am really concerned,” one mother of Hethas expressed, who went by the name Sandra. “Canterra and Cestus were Federation worlds and are occupied by the Gorn for over six months now. The SoK are practically knocking on our door. We can’t afford to be sending resources to police hooligans out in the RSB. People out there need to remember how much the Federation takes care of them.”

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In this edition:

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  • New mining at Union
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