Government Crisis on New Bajor!

In a surprise announcement, Lieutenant Governor Ro Nell has announced that the Populist People’s Party will withdraw its support and members from the New Bajor government. With the Federalist Party lacking an absolute majority in the Assembly, the announcement amounts to a need for new elections to choose a new Assembly.

Following several months of near-crises, confidential sources within the Populist People’s and Federalist Parties had confirmed that increasing frustration with the interim Governor and pressure from the public has brought about an impending no confidence vote in the Assembly. The permanent relocation of now First Minister Eniara Pol to Bajor is considered by many the final straw as the interim Governor Bar Zhane did not manage to maintain the same charisma as his predecessor.

The Federalist Party and the Office of the Governor have publicly refused comment on this development, the Populist People’s Party through its spokesperson have referred to the statement by the Lieutenant Governor and provided no additional elaboration.

It is expected that the Governor will formally report the collapse of the government to Bajor and the Federation Council through his representatives, at which time a 30 day clock until the next election starts.

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