From the Office of the Bravo Fleet Loremaster

To the Bravo Fleet Membership,

Hello. My name is Tia, and I’m the Bravo Fleet Loremaster. I’d like to introduce myself and my position, and put out a call for help on a new project.

First: Who am I? I’ve been involved in Bravo Fleet off and on since I joined in 1999, and have served as TFCO of Task Force 63, 72, and 99, and run games in 93 and the original Futility’s End as well. Outside Bravo Fleet, I’ve done a lot of writing and a ton of worldbuilding, and run tabletop and online games in settings ranging from D&D to Star Wars, Persona to Pokemon. Worldbuilding is a passion of mine.

Second: What do I do here? As Loremaster, I am a member of the Bravo Fleet Administrative Council, and I’m tasked with developing and maintaining the fleet’s canon. This means I will be working with game managers, Task Force Administrators, and anyone else who is interested on building a coherent shared universe for stories in Task Forces 9, 38, 72, and 93. This canon is intended as a tool, not a straitjacket – it is there to be used as inspiration and fodder for stories. No simm or fiction is required to follow fleet canon.

I’m also here to be a resource. I don’t just welcome questions – I actively want to hear them, because people asking questions will help direct my work and the work of the Canon Team. Any canon questions can be brought to me, and I will answer them as quickly and clearly as I can while also seeking guidance from people I know to be interested in whatever element of canon I’m being asked about.

For members of the Task Forces operating outside our main canon – 64 and 99 – I am available to answer questions and help with worldbuilding. While these Task Forces do not use the fleet canon, I’m here to help game managers work on the universes their stories will be told in.

That’s who I am and what I do. Now is the part where I ask for help. I’m working on assembling a canon team – a discussion group for building the new Bravo Fleet canon. I need people who are interested in both specific parts of our canon and in building the universe as a whole, helping tie everything together. The canon team will meet on Discord, and instructions for applying will be found there.

Thank you for your time, and I am very much looking forward to working with everyone to strengthen Bravo Fleet, one story at a time.

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