Fond Farewell, and a new TF64Admin!

Members of Bravo Fleet:

Today I have two announcements. One is great news, and one is a bag of mixed emotions.

First, the great news! A couple of days ago Galen, former Task Force Administrator of Task Force 64, notified the BFAC of his intention to resign. His resignation was accepted, and a discussion and vote was put up within hours for a replacement. I’m pleased to announce that in his place, pending confirmation of the COs within 64, will be javin! Javin is a former TFCO of a few task forces in Bravo Fleet’s past, and currently runs the USS Republic in Task Force 64. He will be taking over the mantle with his character, Rear Admiral Jarred Vittorino!

Second, is a bit of news I found out this evening that is a mixed bag. JonM informed me personally, and then the BFAC at large, of his intention to step back completely from the online Trek world for a while. On one hand, I’m really sad to see Jon “leave” us. On the other, I’m very happy about the reasons why, and totally understand and have been there myself. Jon wrote up a goodbye, and I feel it’s worth posting for everyone to see:

I’ve had the honor of being a part of the Bravo Fleet community for over a decade and a half, ever since I submitted my first application to serve as Chief Security Officer on the USS Vincennes back in 2003. Bravo Fleet’s simms were the catalyst for the creation of Anodyne Productions and the SIMM Management System that went on to become Nova, and, in 2012, Bravo Fleet took on an even greater role in my life when I joined the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as BFIO, BFXO, BFCC and TFCO of 93, 72 and 38.

From books worth of stories to the Fleet map and the launching of the Bravo Fleet Management System, it’s been a wonderful ride. Through ups and downs, I’ve always valued my time here, and I feel warmly about where Bravo Fleet is headed in the years to come. However, due to RL commitments and changes, I have elected to retire from the leadership of Bravo Fleet.

Over all these years, it has been my pleasure to be a part of this community with you all. I wish each and every one of you the best.

With my sincerest appreciation,

~ Jon

We will miss Jon dearly and will await his return. Jon has done so much for the Bravo Fleet community. On a personal level, he brought me back into the fray of things here. He’s insightful, thoughtful, and really cares about Bravo Fleet’s well being. However, his most recent return was really in the direst of circumstances, and returning to family life is really important. No matter what family and real life will always come first, and I’ll be the first to tell anyone to prioritize that. We wish him the absolute best! He will always have a home in Bravo Fleet when he decides the time is right.

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