Fleet Week Rocked!!

Fleet Week Was Amazing!

On behalf of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, we want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

The live sim was visited by many characters of Bravo Fleet, and the writing contest was also well received.

The Feedback sessions provided the BFA with many topics for us to cover, and we plan to acknowledge them all over the coming weeks.

The trivia was a hit, and we had plenty of people take part, however, there were only 3 winners.

  • In First Place was KrisK, CO of the USS Medea!
  • In Second Place was Sean, CO of the USS Ride
  • In Third Place was Major Tom!

We also held our writing competition!! It was a tough call, and so tough that we couldn’t have 1 first place winner!

So I am pleased to announce that we have in Joint First Place

  • Leanna and Rach H!!!

And in Third Place!!

So a huge congratulations to all of our winners!

Fleet week was a phenomenal event for our community, and without the community Bravo Fleet is nothing. And the fact that we raised enough money to pay for the rest of the year’s finances, we are simply humbled that you were willing to support us with your donation.

So a huge thank you, from both the Admiralty and each and every single player who will benefit from your kind donation. We hope that you will help us continue to make Bravo Fleet a better place as we all boldly write the future together.

People can still donate if they choose too at https://www.bravofleet.com/donate

Again, you guys have been amazing, here’s to another amazing year of Bravo Fleet, and to next year’s Fleet Week!!

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