February 2019 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the February 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lieutenant Commander Drew Knight, USS Trafalgar;
Lt Cdr Drew Knight has been the bedrock of Trafalgar’s success. Courteous, quietly disciplined, and with a boundless patience, he has weathered all manner of challenges ably and is central to everything that we do. He writes particularly effectively, bringing humour, emotion and a healthy degree of technobabble to a well-conceived and fleshed out character. He is fully deserving of recognition.

Lieutenant Commander Vit Aran, USS Yorktown;
Commander Vit successfully wrangled 5 members of the crew into an amazingly successful joint post which covered a lot of storytelling in the missions leading up to the meat of the mission (which is being JP’d now).

Lieutenant Steffan Haas, USS Legacy;
Participated in 11 posts of the 18 on Legacy in February. I suppose that it is only fair that the Chief Communication Officer loves to communicate. Congratulations, Steve.

Lieutenant Mindo, USS Pandora;
Mindo has created a truly unique character in the Pandora’s Chief Engineer, bringing an earnest, realized person to the sim. Many state that he is a joy to write with and his posts are always delightful and nuanced.

Sergeant Kyle Walken, USS Hawaii;
This month, I nominate George AKA TheCakeisaLie, for his portrayal of Sgt Kyle Walken, our Element Leader of 2d Marine Special Operations Team (2MSOT/EL). Walken was one of our most active players last month, JPing with several crew members, including recent arrivals. He has also taken up two other characters that are quickly finding themselves at the center of story arcs: ENS Kojima “Paperboy” Tanahashi, our Starfighter Flight XO and ENS Anyi Nila, our Chief Operations Officer. The latter character addition is huge because he filled a sudden gap on the senior staff. As you can see by his posts, his writing is also impressive.

John Eagle, Starbase Port Royale;
His character is a joy to read. The writer is phenomenal to write with. Everything Jonathan said about the writer is 100% truth. He is a talented writer, and has an impressive start. While the personal relationship storyline he’s writing is quite familiar (marriage & babies are a common theme in any joint venture involving Janet’s characters), the posts in the “Presents” mission were creative and interesting. He also can boast a solid post count in the month of February. Since it appears February was his first month with the group, I would call it a rather impressive beginning.

Simulation of the Month

USS Trafalgar;
For creating an entire new group of species with a very detailed history and compelling story that serve to enrich the mostly unexplored Gamma Quadrant with a new power that sims can enjoy for years to come.

USS Sevastopol;
While now closed, even in its last month in 38, the Sevastopol was a fun read!

USS Mercury;
This sim has a lot of depth and is the most consistent ship in the fleet for story quality and posts.

Roosevelt Station;
Roosevelt Station has a long history in Bravo Fleet. Since its reactivation in January 2019, the sim has made an epic comeback! The CO and crew have rallied together to create some amazing stories and are already looking to make their mark on 72’s Canon Storylines.

USS Astraea;
The USS Astraea is fun to watch, it is even more fun to be part of it. But while I try to avoid nominating personally involved sims, I do think that this month should go to the USS Astraea. The ship is quite active, has an interesting story going on and the character development in the crew is making me laugh. On that note as the Raeya Arc leader, I am quite fond to see the Astraea making use of the arc that is going on, even if it is a small contribution, it is great to see it!

Palais de la Concorde;
I’m nominating Palais de la Concorde for this award this month, they have a great package there and with the change in command, things are really picking up, even more, these days and its great to see the simulation thriving once more. I love having a read of their posts when I get the chance and they have a crew that is always there and a storyline that is progressing quite steadily.

USS Triumphant;
They had a good siming month, despite losing three writers last month. They produce quality stories, month after month.

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