Enter The Wastelands

While Federation, Breen, Tzenkethi, Talarian, and Ravager dignitaries sit in the Neethia system discuss options concerning the Inconnu Expanse, the Federation has taken the opportunity to re-evaluate its position along the western and southern borders. Rumors have emerged from the Wastelands that Talarian and Tzenkethi vessels have entered and begun to subjugate local species in order to expand their borders and close-in the Federation.

The Federation first charted the Wastelands in 2273 before sending colony ships and constructing Starbase 214 near the Penthara system. More than a hundred years later, this Regula-class station is still operational, but is showing how much the Federation has ignored this once worthless section of space.

Task Force 72 has dispatched a coalition of vessels to Starbase 214 to resupply the starbase, and then branch out into Wastelands in order to validate these rumors, among other deadly myths and speculation. Exploration of the Wastelands is now considered to be a priority for the Task Force, especially to secure the Federation border.

What limited information we have regarding the Wastelands in available in the Fleet Infobase. In addition, a handful of missions have been made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our cartographers have also updated the Alpha/Beta Quadrant map.

In-Character posts will be made available soon on the forums and on the Starbase 72 website.

Happy exploring, Captains.

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