End Of Year Nominations – Commanding Officers

We have started with this group of nominations on the basis that is was the biggest group with multiple nominations for each one which has forced us to choose the best one to show you.

Melody Jones – USS Merlin

“Captain, that is Commander, Melody Jones, has been diligently working non stop to keep the USS Merlin afloat and moving forward. In the research I had done, in reading the backstories before I joined, she stepped in when the other captain had left. She has maintained quality writing, and engaging stories.

When I first joined, she immediately helped to figure out how to bring my character into play and get me involved in the current mission. I did not have to wait long at all. That is a quality I look for the most when it comes to joining a ship. Above all else, Captain, I mean Commander Melody Jones is available to talk if there is a difficulty that has come up. This is why I am putting in a nomination for her.”

Jonathan Reynolds  – USS Andromeda

“This is Captain Reynolds First command and has constantly been dedicated to each mission, making sure each character is included in the plot and knows what’s happening at each stage of the mission.  Each mission is carefully thought out with an interesting plot thread and room for character development and independent posts to be included.”

Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium

“Quite simply, Captain Lalor is the inspiration that drives and molds the Elysium crew. She leads by example, be it writing posts to creating imaginative posts for the crew to participate in. She is fair but tough in dealing with those who abuse posting requirements. She strives to keep everyone informed and included in ship business.   She also is a mentor to newer players, answering their questions, writing posts with them. Anything to make their time on the ship easier.   When it comes to her character, she is not above them in harms way and getting down and dirty. I stated earlier she was an inspiration, I was wrong she is the glue that holds the crew and sim together.”

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