Crisis Averted on Deep Space 10

Following a crazy series of events in the Trivas System last month, when a former Starfleet Captain went rogue and almost destroyed an entire starbase in an attempt to destabilize relations with the Cardassian Union, our very own GORAN RIVEK sat down with CAPTAIN ALVIN MITCHELL to get the scoop. Goran is a correspondent for the Fleet News Service, and Captain Alvin Mitchell is the commanding officer of the criminal pursuit ship USS Thurgood Marshall.

Goran Rivek: The Cardassian-Bajoran saga has featured in FNS far too many times. Usually, it’s a story of reparation, grievances, or suffering. But this time, for once, I get the pleasure of having a conversation about it in a more positive light. Joining me is Captain Alvin Mitchell, commanding officer of the USS Thurgood Marshall. Captain, before we dive into the specifics of what your team did on Deep Space 10, could you start by giving our readers a bit of background. What exactly was happening on DS10 last month?

Captain Mitchell: Deep Space 10 was holding a neutral-ground peace conference between the Cardassians and Bajorans when a rogue former Starfleet Captain decided he’d go out in what he hoped would be a blaze of glory. It didn’t turn out quite as well as he hoped.

Goran Rivek: What were the topics of discussion at the peace conference?

Captain Mitchell: I’m not completely certain, but I do believe a possible reparations agreement was in discussion. My crew and I didn’t stick around to get the full details, but I do remember hearing a few things.

Goran Rivek: I see. So the Thurgood Marshall was out and about, doing it’s thing, when you got a call. Could you share with us a bit more about what it is your team does regularly? And what was the call about?

Captain Mitchell: Our regular duties involve minor errand running and patrols. Our ship isn’t designed for heavy combat, so when we’re not on a case, we have to be assigned somewhere mostly safe. As for what the call was about, it wasn’t very long. It was mostly just the Admiral of the Task Force the Thurgood Marshall was assigned to at the time sending us a case file marked URGENT. The last time I had gotten one of those the Federation High Council chambers had been attacked. So I assumed the worst.

Goran Rivek: And what was it about this time?

Captain Mitchell: Zander Whitley, former Captain of the USS Zenith had gone rogue, hijacking his ship and ordering them to Deep Space 10. We were ordered to pursue and prevent the destruction of the Starbase at all costs and get back the Zenith if possible.

Goran Rivek: That’s quite a dramatic move. What led Starfleet Captain – or should I say, former Starfleet Captain – Whitley to take such a drastic course of action? And what was his endgame? Was he trying to start another war between the Federation and the Cardassians? Or did he have a more subtle plan?

Captain Mitchell: We suspect he was trying to start another war. Get the Bajorans in it on our side, from what I can deduce based on his mental health profile, he thought using Cardassian bombs and starting another war would make Starfleet rethink removing him from command. But what he got removed for would not even be wanted in a wartime fleet.

Goran Rivek: Oh wow, so what you’re telling us is that we were just a few moments away from the potential outbreak of a full on war. That’s some crazy stuff. So tell us, how did you and your crew stop it?

Captain Mitchell: Well thankfully, my XO came out of the Intelligence game and could identify the bombs. Even luckier, he had experience. So his job was to prevent the station from going boom. My Chief Engineer at the time went and took back the Zenith, and I lead a team to get to Whitley himself. And he was armed. And I tackled him, not anything I hadn’t done before, mind you.

Goran Rivek: You tackled him?! War averted by slamming a man into a bulkhead. Now that’s not something you hear every day. So what about the crew of the Zenith? How did Mr. Whitley manage to take control of a whole ship?

Captain Mitchell: They were on some well earned shore leave after dealing with Whitley for so long, and the ship was actually in line to be refit. The only ones on board when Whitley took it over were the CIO and the Chief Engineer, who he promptly shot.

Goran Rivek: For our readers not familiar with the abbreviations, CIO stands for Chief Intelligence Officer. What happened with the CIO? Was he in on the coup? And I’m sorry to hear about the Chief Engineer. Is he expected to recover?

Captain Mitchell: He wasn’t. He was actually our contact and the reason we knew about the bombs, so I grabbed him and gave him a promotion. As for the CE, he is. His injuries were relatively minor cause Whitley was in a hurry and didn’t properly aim. The worst injury the guy got was a cut to the hand when he fell and hit it against a broken display.

Goran Rivek: Well thank goodness for bad aim! So all in all, Deep Space 10 saved, the peace conference saved, the Zenith saved, and Mr. Whitley in custody. What happens to the terrorist now?

Captain Mitchell: He goes away for awhile in a Federation prison until someone decides it’s time to prosecute him. At which point they determine what happens. He’s out of my hands at this point.

Goran Rivek: Well, I think from all our readers, we say thank you for a job well done! What’s next for you and the USS Thurgood Marshall?

Captain Mitchell: Now we transfer to the theatre of operations that’s Task Force 72 and the homefront in the Alpha Quadrant and figure out how to deal with these Freedom’s Legion guys.

Goran Rivek: Ah yes, Freedom’s Legion. We’ve been hearing more and more about them recently. What’re your thoughts on them? Political movement or domestic terrorists?

Captain Mitchell: If it’s on my desk, it’s terrorism. Plain and simple. I don’t get the simple or easy cases with as long as I’ve been in this game. And now that we have a reputation, the crew of the Thurgood Marshall is in the same boat.

Goran Rivek: Well, we all appreciate your service, and thank you for your willingness to take the time out of your day to sit down with us and share a bit more about what the Thurgood Marshall has been up to. Godspeed Captain!

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