Communications Office Update


Thank you for your patience as we begin to amp up our efforts across the Fleet to recruit, retain, and most importantly write. You’ve undoubtedly read recently the changes additions to our collective “game.” They are all positive steps forward to continue the great legacy that we have all built together – not just the efforts of an elite few – but indeed the collective work of each and every one of you. For that, we are truly thankful for your continued writing, storytelling, and worldbuilding!

Allow me the opportunity to introduce myself as some of you may know me and others, not. I consider myself a member of Bravo Fleet from about 2005 continuously though 2012 and then off and on since then. However, I was asked to come back and assume this position that aligns with what I do professionally. I’m so honored and proud work with all of you to move us forward.


Recent Fleet Ad published on Facebook and Twitter

Recently, we started to run some ads on social media, specifically Facebook and Reddit. (No fleet donations were used in the running of these particular ads.) I’m happy to say they went well, garnering us hundreds of clicks to our website and I hope further clicks to your individual games! We will continue to run ads with different imagery and taglines as we go on. In the meantime, I’d ask you to please let folks know you’re part of this amazing group of writers! Recruitment is everyone’s responsibility and it will benefit all of us.

Recruitment Coordinator

I’m also happy to announce that Browsden/SweetChiliYeet/Noel has agreed to join the Comms Team as Bravo Fleet’s new Recruitment Coordinator. Noel has some great ideas that we’ll be implementing rather quickly. We’re very pleased to continue to grow our team and give quality people the opportunity to make a difference for us all!

If you have any ideas, or want to help out, reach out to us at

Stay sharp, keep writing,
Chris aka Capierno
BF Communications Officer

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