Three Fleets. One Epic Day

Join us for Project Khitomer
Saturday, February 23rd • 3pm GMT

In an era where social media and readily available comms, combined with a dearth of new source materials, have shrunk our player base and created some challenging conditions we’ve banded together to collectively further the interests of our communities and Simming as a whole. Just as three major empires joined together for a peace summit, so will the three of us. Join the leaders of Bravo, Obsidian and Pegasus Fleets on February 23rd for Project: Khitomer, a joint fleet simming convention unlike those that have come before. Partake in engaging discussions, character and sim workshops, live simming, and more.

Gone are the days of being enemies and rivals. Now is the time for our three fleets to come together as friends. Project Khitomer is open to all members of the greater simming community: Bravo, Obsidian, Pegasus, and beyond. Our communities can only grow stronger when we work together.

You won’t want to miss this historic event.

Project Khitomer is brought to you by …

Pegasus Fleet

Home of the 11th Fleet

Founded in 2009, Pegasus Fleet aims to put community first, building a strong atmosphere for fun, friendship, and collaborative writing for all walks of life.

Obsidian Fleet

The Premier Star Trek Writing Community

For over 18 years our continuing mission is to deliver a premier writing community to Star Trek fans around the world. A proud saga & incredible future awaits.

Bravo Fleet

Boldly Writing The Future

Since 1997, Bravo Fleet has proudly provided Star Trek fans a home that treasures community and celebrates writing, allowing all to boldly write the future.

Event Schedule

Schedule is subject to change without notice. Updates shall be announced in Discord.

3pm10amWelcome & Keynote
Fleet Admiralty (BF, OF, PF)
4pm11amWriting For Less Common Departments
Doug (PF)
Starship Design
Kaede & Qazzy (TF)
Live Sims Open
Arzie (USF)
5pmNoonNova 101
Kate & Barstow (OF)
Starbase VS Starship
AlexM (PF)
Character Creation Workshop
Doug (PF)
6pm1pmAvoiding Simcest
du Lac (OF)
Nova: Don’t Need It
Teagarden (16th)
How to Play Disabled Characters
Talla H’rar (OF)
7pm2pmNew CO’s Survival Guide
TheeFlamehead (BF)
Tools Usage
du Lac (OF)
Combat/Action Workshop
AlexM & aparry (PF)
8pm3pmMoney in the Federation
AlexM (PF)
World Building
Louis & WiseOwl (STF)
Breaking Thru Mission Roadblocks
Kathryn Burke (TF)
9pm4pmIntrepreting & Defining Canon
greenfelt (BF) & aparry (PF)
Star Trek Trivia
Kalo (BF)
Exploring the Non-Starfleet Side
BlackWolf (BF)
10pm5pmAvoiding Batman Syndrome
Cor Cordale (PF)
Weapon Technology
AlexM (PF)
Mission Writing Workshop
TheCaptain (BF)
11pm6pmWork vs. Play
Kathryn Burke (TF)
Fleet Community
Thompson (PF)
MarySue Test
Marty (PF)
Midnight7pmClosing Ceremonies
Fleet Admiralty (BF, OF, PF)

Schedule is subject to change without notice. Updates shall be announced in Discord.

How to join the Project

Join Us on Discord

We’re using Discord for the main convention. You can join the Project Khitomer Discord Server here.

We’ll be keeping this site updated with the news and announcements coming out of the convention so stay tuned!

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