Bravo Fleet Nova Skin

I’m happy to announce that Bravo Fleet has another Nova skin available for our membership to use! This skin, codename “Argonaut,” is mobile friendly, supporting the use of responsive rows and columns. It makes use of the RPG Rating System, Creative Commons licensing, and allows easy implementation of a Discord widget.

To view a live version of the skin, please see: If you’d like to download the skin or view its documentation, please visit: For help installing or customizing this skin, join #nova-help on Discord (CO’s only). Alternatively, feel free to send me a DM (@Emily#6153) or email (

Please note: This skin is licensed only for use by Bravo Fleet games and websites. Please do not use, modify, or distribute this skin without permission from the author. Edits are permissible by Bravo Fleet game managers so long as the original credits remain intact.

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