Bravo Fleet Admiralty Statement

The Bravo Fleet Admiralty stand together in unity in condemning comments made in a document that has been circulated to some members. The comments made reference to a poem by Martin Niemöller. While we will not further air those comments, the Admiralty makes it very clear that we do not condone or support anti-semitic comments or views within Bravo Fleet, nor the tragedy of the holocaust to describe recent events in our writing club. The use of that quote disrespects the genocide of over six million Jews and others persecuted groups by the Nazi regime in one of the most tragic sagas of history.

To use the events of the holocaust to validate a particular viewpoint based on the recent events in the fleet is abhorrent and something we do not support and never will.

Rear Admiral Tarix Goran
Task Force 9 Commanding Officer

Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell
Task Force 38 Commanding Officer

Commodore Jacquie Wilkerson
Task Force 64 Commanding Officer

Commodore Nyx Temple
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

Admiral Bradley J. Harrison
Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez
Task Force 99 Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Madar B’Ra’Bin
Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer

Rear Admiral Karin Mayra
Bravo Fleet Internet Officer

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