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To all the members of Bravo Fleet,

We write this to you in order to address recent events that have happened over the past few months, coming to a head in the past week, within the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and community at large. It’s no exaggeration to say that Bravo Fleet was pushed to its limit and that its institutions were tested and failed. What started as internal strife spilled out and almost collapsed the Fleet. People left, feelings were hurt, things were said.

That is over, now. When we left the Fleet in other hands in the past, none of us were under the impression that the people taking over would put their own interests above the survival of the Fleet. That happened. The COs spoke. Loudly. We heard. Children were playing in their sandbox, kicking over anyone’s sandcastle they didn’t like. It’s time to step in to fix the ship and put it back on course.

Currently, Bravo Fleet’s physical assets (the domains, Discord server, sim and Fleet hosting servers, etc.) are safe and in good order, maintained by a group of veteran individuals who want nothing but to see Bravo Fleet succeed well into the future and plan to make sure it does. The important part for you, the members, is that you continue to have fun on your sims. Do what you do best! We want you guys back to simming and having fun. If you need anything and aren’t sure who to contact within your task force to help, contact one of us. We will make sure your needs are addressed as soon as humanly possible.

However, as said, things got so bad that we had to step back in. With that, we see an immediate need for fundamental systemic changes to the Fleet’s operations to ensure that the events of the past few months/weeks never happens again. The Fleet shouldn’t suffer because of a few members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty shouldn’t have to suffer through a few of their own who deadlock progress. That’s going to change. We’re going to do better and be our best for you, the members.

We have been in contact with the remaining Bravo Fleet Admiralty and notified them of the plans for a think tank and overhauls moving forward to ensure that the members, you guys, have a safe, stable, and fun atmosphere for another twenty years in Bravo Fleet! There is precedent as this has had to happen once before, unfortunately.

Now, in full transparency, we’re informing you. The Constitution, except Articles I and III, and all related leadership rules within Bravo Fleet will be suspended until further notice. The general rule, for now, will be the old saying, “use common sense”. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty as it is known now will be dissolved, although the Task Force Senior Staffs and Department Heads will continue to care of the task forces and departments during this period. In place of the BFA will be a think tank (or transition team, if it helps think about it better!) made up of ideal-minded COs & writers, current BFA members, and veteran members of Bravo Fleet. We don’t want to make the team too big that it can’t progress, but a group of people who can bounce ideas and refine the best ideas going forward and are like-minded in wanting to see Bravo Fleet succeed. This transition team will not be made up of people in charge of running the day-to-day things but will be there to ensure that the physical assets are safe and that reformation is put into place to solidify institutions into Bravo Fleet moving forward.

Any questions about this going forward, please don’t be afraid to reach out. We want to be as open and transparent with you guys as possible while still getting these much needed changes done in a timely fashion.


Vince (aka. FAdm Teylas Ramar, Former BFCO)

Mike (aka. FAdm Mike Bremer, Former BFCO)

Darian (aka. FAdm Robert Chadwick, Former BFCO)

Jon (aka. Adm Allison Reyes, Former BFCC/BFXO)

Aio (aka. Adm Paka Larem, Former BFCC/BFXO)

Ed (aka. FAdm Sorac Dunar, former BFCO)

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