Admiral Zachary O’Connell, Task Force 72 CO

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Andrew, but I go by greenfelt22, greenie, green, kermit, frog, and froggie (say that three times fast). I am happily married with three children, and I have a job that I just absolutely love. It is true what they say: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love Star Trek, I love to write (especially when I tortu… sim with the hallowed writers on the USS Black Hawk), and most importantly, I just like to have fun.

What is your favorite Trek series and why?
Much of Star Trek is great. I have a newfound love for the Original and the Animated episodes, but not a single series can hold a candle to Deep Space Nine. Episodic tales are great, but I love serialization, slowly building up to an epic payoff. These are techniques I’ve employed in my own writing, especially in my commands.

Who is your favorite Trek character and why?
Deep Space Nine may the GOAT, but my favorite character comes from the classics: Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott. He’s no Kirk, he’s no Spock. But, next to the original trio, Scotty has held his own ground. He loves the Enterprise with every fiber in his core, and he is insanely loyal to those around him. Seriously, he went toe-to-toe with Flag Officers and Public Officials and refused each direct order just to save his friends. His ingenuity kept the Enterprise alive each and every time it would have been destroyed, and only Kirk is to blame for the loss of the original 1701. Through it all, he isn’t bitter, and he doesn’t hold grudges. Well, not unless you call the Enterprise a Garbage Scow…

When and where did you first start simming?
I leapt into the hobby in Fall of 2003 when I first started college. My eye caught the USS Chimera in the Alpha Quadrant Sim Group, and so began the saga of then-Cadet Zachary O’Connell. Two years later, I stepped into the skin of Harvey Geisler in command of the USS Black Hawk. But, it was not to be. Two years later, I stepped down as I graduated, married, and started a family.

Where did you get your “start” in Bravo Fleet?
I returned to simming in December 2012 aboard the USS Columbia, the Flagship of Task Force 72. I believe I was an ensign at the time and Chief of Operations. I can’t quite remember. I bounced around to a couple sims until I finally decided I wanted to be in control of my own destiny and rebooted the Black Hawk in Task Force 9 just a year later.

What is something you absolutely love about Bravo Fleet?
I most adore its community. The community is what attracted me to Bravo Fleet to begin with, and keeping the community alive, healthy and stable has been my focus as a member of the BFA. Without its robust community, Bravo Fleet has no future, and as long as the Fleet remembers that, the fleet will live another twenty years and more.

What is it about your role as a member of the BFA that you love?
Prior to Task Force 72, I served as Community Relations Officer, Logistics Officer, and as a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council. Each position was fun, but none were more rewarding as the TFCO of 72. I love working with the COs and players in the Task Force. The ideas for the Alrakis Pact, Freedom’s Legion, Wastelands and so much more all came from the players. Working on the recent Negotiations post with seven other fantastic writers representing multiple simulations has officially become one of my top five events, just as much as helping organize the recent Khitomer Conference. Bottom line, I love to write, and I love to collaborate.

If you could say anything to the community about Bravo Fleet, what is it?
Bravo Fleet is a community that you’ll only get out of it what you invest in it. We are a loving, interactive bunch, but it is lacking in areas. We need people getting involved everywhere, from community relations, to research and development, to the infobase… so many different levels. If there’s something you want to see, you can ask for it. But if you can get involved in helping make things happen, we can do so much more.

What is one idea you would like to see happen with the fleet as a whole?
I honestly don’t have a singular wish. It’s been a boy to cultivate and to watch the community grow over the last few years, and it’s my hope that the new Picard series will really revolunize the environments we’ve all come to love.

What can we expect to come from your purview in the fleet?
Task Force 72 can expect more collaboration and more stories. Its TFCO isn’t going anywhere, and I really think the best is yet to come for the Alpha Quadrant.

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