April 2019 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the April 2019 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lieutenant Commander Cara O’Reilly, USS Trafalgar;
has been a strength in the eight months of Trafalgar’s existence. She brings a fiery passion to the Sickbay, and was instrumental in setting the sim up in the first place – even going so far as to offer a design for the Sickbay. Her handling of NPCs is also masterful.

Lieutenant Song of Justice, USS Crazy Horse;
I recommend Lt. Song of Justice for player of the month. Justice, as he prefers to be called, presents a very unique view of a liberated Borg — intelligent but with a bit of a techno-hippie thrown into the mix. Like him or hate him, Justice is one of those characters that draws out strong emotions and there’s no greater compliment to a writer than that.

Lieutenant Commander Nirak, USS Mercury;
Out of the ten posts that we completed this month on Mercury, he was involved in nine of them with either his main character or his NPCs. He has been such a key part to the sim and it wouldn’t be where it is today without him. He constantly drives the mission forward and he’s always available to lend an ear and to answer questions. He is truly a remarkable writer, player and friend.

Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wolf MD, Memory Theta
According to her CO, through her two characters on Memory Theta, “Kos has enriched the secretive Intelligence aspect to Memory Theta. Her top-shelf writing and thoughtful posting deserves player of the month in my book.”

Lieutenant Christine Descharmes, USS Shanghai;
Christine proves she is an awesome roleplayer. Her constant posting, and willingness to take on extra NPCs, serious and complex character sub-plots, and a drive to keep the community of the simm healthy makes her an amazing member of the crew, and I’d argue one of the reasons our simm has been able to last for years and keep a steady stream of stories to get oneself lost in. It’s also worth noting her writing quality and willingness to compromise for the sake of a good story, and work with each crewmember to build up their stories.

Lieutenant Dutch Mogun, Tau Lyrae;
Our wise-cracking security chief is nominated for Player of the Month for his creativity, humour and willingness to try almost anything. An integral and irreplaceable part of the group, he’s a great player to have on the team.

Simulation of the Month

USS Ride;
Despite not being the largest sim or the sim with the highest post counts, it consistently pushed out high quality story and is an example of core Trek narrative.

USS Crazy Horse;
This month, I would like to nominate the USS Crazy Horse. They have taken off quickly and the interaction between all of them is great.

USS Alexandria;
A brand new fictional sim with two players that put out over 40 posts on their own. It had the most nominations in the fleet!

USS Sutherland;
Over the past month, the USS Sutherland has hit the ground running with well-developed posts as her crew settles into their new home. Beyond the sim itself, the Sutherland has also eagerly engaged with Task Force 72 regarding its canon arcs as it prepares to get going out into our AO.

USS Hawaii;
From what I’ve read of their posts, and seen on their website, it looks to be a very interesting and active sim. If I had more time myself, I’d likely consider joining it as a player.

Starbase 400;
That sim has gone very active, with 71 posts last month. They are good group of writers, and gearing up for their 100th episode

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