An Oldie, But A Goodie

Task Force 72, while focusing on the developments connected to the Alrakis Pact, The Wastelands, and the Freedom’s Legion, is still committed to keeping a vigilant eye throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Among this vigilance is the oft-overlooked Gavarian Corridor. Though peace has been installed there for roughly six months, tensions still remain high as the Federation slowly slips back into the region.

Newer classes and hulls are dedicated to the major efforts, but the flag of peace has opened up many opportunities for exploration using several of the older vessels often delegated to supply and personnel runs throughout the inner core of the Federation. One of these such vessels is the New Orleans-class USS Boadicea, under the command of Captain Aoife Coard (Quodespero).

The Boadicea, named after a formidable queen in Britian’s legendary history, will ferry personnel and supplies to the Federation colonies and bases rebuilding after the Cardassian-Romulan War of 2388. Following that, the Boadicea will sail further into the Corridor, continuing Starfleet’s mandate to explore strange new worlds…

Welcome to Task Force 72!

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